Banishing Supermom This Mother’s Day

start banishing supermom for this Mother's Day

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Hotter than a Victoria’s Secret model, craftier than Martha Stewart, cleaner than a Swiffer on wheels, and more patient than a saint…’s Supermom!

Bwahahaha! Yeah RIGHT. We all know she doesn’t exist.

So why do we try to be her?

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m going to challenge you to get Supermom out of your head and just freakin’ relax for a change.

Supermom relax mother's day breastfeeding baby mom break read movie nursing massage pedicure time book quiet peace

I know it’s hard. I get it. I’m so guilty of falling for that strive for perfection too.

Just realize this: mommies burn out. For some reason, we push ourselves way too hard. Then we beat ourselves up for not accomplishing everything we thought we should have done. It’s not fair to us – yet we’re the ones doing it!

Give yourself permission to relax and do something a little bit luxurious and renewing just for you. Here are a few ideas for treating yourself….even if your baby seems to Never. Stop. Nursing.

Listen to an audiobook

Listening to an audiobook is a great way to unwind a bit – and you can totally do it while breastfeeding!

Now I’m not talking about a book to motivate you, change your life, or make you smarter. Choose something that will relax you and help you escape.

I’m paraphrasing here, but an educator named Charlotte Mason once said that good fictional books are like an armchair for the brain. So pick a book that will entertain you and allow your brain to kick up its feet for a while.

Soak your feet

Ah, the foot bath. Even thinking about it relaxes me! This another feeder-friendly relaxation technique.

Lay a towel in front of your favorite nursing spot. Then go get a great big bowl of extra warm water and throw in any combination you want of bath salts, plain Epsom salt, your favorite perfume, or essential oils. (When it comes to essential oils, my only brand loyalty is regarding specific blends. I love clary sage, lavender, Stress Away by Young Living, and Serenity by Doterra.) Soak your feet the whole wonderful time you’re feeding. When your baby’s all done nursing, smooth some lotion on your feet and just feel the way they love you for it!

Supermom relax mother's day breastfeeding baby mom break read movie nursing massage pedicure time book quiet peace

Get a massage

You wouldn’t think you can get a massage while you’re breastfeeding, but think again! A to-die-for breastfeeding luxury is a vibrating chair massager!

Getting a back massage is hands down one of the best stress busters. Can you think of a better way to relax?? With a chair massager, you can bust up stress and feed your baby all at once. Hello, multi-tasking!

I’ve always loved Homedics back massagers. They’ve never disappointed me. Yeah, I’ve had more than one.

Check out this Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion. It’s so nice, you’re going to look for an excuse to nurse that baby more often!

Watch a movie

Use quiet nursing time as a chance to get absorbed in an interesting movie. With luck, your baby will go to sleep after his belly is full and you’ll be able to watch it all in one sitting!

One caveat – tv doesn’t count! Commercials will ruin the flow of your downtime and can actually add to your irritation (think annoying jingles, pantiliners, and housework). Skip live tv and go straight to a movie.

You’re welcome. 🙂


If you have stored milk and aren’t experiencing latch issues, let someone else feed your wee baby while you have Me Time!

Me Time suggestions:

  • Take a walk.
  • Enjoy a soak in the tub.
  • Go shopping. For yourself.
  • Visit a spa for a pedicure or a massage – or both!
  • Take a nap. This one gets my vote!
  • Read a book…preferably fictional.
  • Make your favorite dessert and eat it while you do any of the above.

In addition to getting some valuable time to yourself, you’re also giving someone else a priceless chance to bond with your baby.

Supermom relax mother's day breastfeeding baby mom break read movie nursing massage pedicure time book quiet peace

Forget Supermom

If you feel a little guilty at the idea of taking some time for yourself, or not giving your baby your undivided attention while he’s nursing, there’s something I’d like you to consider. No one likes being around a frazzled and stressed out mom. When you take care of yourself and take time for yourself, you’re a better mom. Everyone benefits!

This Mother’s Day, forget about Supermom and give yourself permission to relax and take care of your beautiful self. Whether it’s with a book, a movie, a nap, or just time with no one in it, make sure you get the downtime you deserve!

Can you think of a great way to unwind that I didn’t mention? Please share it in the comments!

*The link to Young Living and the link to Doterra will take you to the websites of my friends who sell these brands. I receive no commission from this. Feel free to order from anyone you choose; but if you don’t know a Young Living or Doterra rep, Kelsey and Rebecca are amazing!
Supermom relax mother's day breastfeeding baby mom break read movie nursing massage pedicure time book quiet peace

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