5 Top Reasons Millennials Make the BEST Moms

millennial moms are the best moms

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It’s not fair! Millennials get a really bad reputation for – well, everything. It seems like nothing a millennial moms does is ever good enough for the other generations. I’ll give it to them, our work ethic could use some… work. And maybe we have a short attention span.

We love our phones too much? Okay. At least we don’t wear shoulder pads and intentionally style our hair like a poodle.

But when it comes to parenting, millennials are doing a few things right. We’re by far the best parents. Millennial moms make the best moms! And I’ve got several reasons to back that claim.

Here's why millennial moms make the best moms ever

Encyclopedia @ your fingertips

My parents were baby boomers. When they wanted to look something up, they pulled out a heavy (and expensive) set of encyclopedias. Thank God I don’t have to do that! I have access to gobs of encyclopedias and hundreds of other reliable sources online!

Yeah, maybe we millennials like our phones too much. But those phones that our elders like to complain about? They give us access to an absolute GOLDMINE of information!

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And apparently, all this valuable info at our fingertips is paying off. Because according to Brit+Co, millennials are breastfeeding in record numbers. Way to go, us!!!

If we have a question about something, we don’t have to go to a book that may have been printed 15 years ago. We can go right to a peer-reviewed article with the latest research. In only seconds, we can see what the World Health Organization and the American Pediatric Society have to say. We’ll have the answer in less than 5 minutes. Boom.

Millennial moms are fearless

In the 90’s and early 2000’s , moms hovered over their kids. These helicopter moms worried about everything! Will Little Johnny be picked on if his shirt looks different tahn other kids’ shirts? Will Sarah get along with the other girls? I can’t let them miss out on soccer! And piano. Or dance. Oh, and don’t forget basketball. And orchestra. And and and…

These moms filled their kids’ social calendar and free time with “enriching” activities to make sure those kids never had a moment of peace.

Alright, that probably wasn’t the goal. But it’s definitely what they accomplished.

Millennial moms have decided that we are capable. We can judge when our kid needs more enrichment – or if they’re enriched-out. (That’s my own word, don’t look it up.) We’re okay with not being like everyone else because we ditched the parenting books. See, we decided that we’re the best judge of what’s best for our kids.

We’re confident in our parenting choices because we researched them. Which is easy to do now.

And we’re not afraid to make a mess of things. We’re awesome like that.

We learn from others

When my mom wanted advice, she read a book. Maybe talked to her mom, sisters or friends (if the issue wasn’t too personal). But what she never did? Asked for advice from complete strangers on how to handle parenting fails.

I do this like every day. In 20 seconds, I can reach out to a forum of like-minded strangers and get so much great advice! For fun, I can go to a forum on unlike-minded strangers and get a page full of different — but still great — advice.

And you know what? That’s how we learn. Because my friends and siblings have similar lifestyles and life experiences. But the amazing woman on the other side of the planet has an incredible approach to parenting that just broadened my horizon.

Millennial moms embrace with idad that “it takes a village” and we’re cool with getting input from alllll kinds of people.

More pics & videos of the kids

Before the 2000s, if parents wanted pictures of their kids, they had to pay for it. There was film to buy, and then prints to pay for. Not to mention that they had to wait days to see if the shot turned out okay.

Now, it’s easy to take 20 pics of the kids in an effort to get one good shot. Seriously, why can’t they be still? Just for like 2 seconds?!

Since we always have our phones, and our phones have awesome cameras, we get to take so many cute, cute pictures and videos of our kids! We have more pics and videos than we can even name and organize. I’m sure it’ll get done one day. Maybe.

Brag-a-docious, baby!

Back in the day, bragging on your kid was considered cute – but ONLY if you did it a teeny tiny bit. Too much talk about your kiddo was tacky. Nowadays, talk all you want!

Millennial parents love, document, & show off the adorable antics of our mini-me. And we put them all over social media! So that sweet way your child says “bellybum” instead of bellybutton gets shared with the world. And instead of one coworker giving a halfhearted “aww,” at your description, now you can post the video and watch it get loved hundreds of times!

More aware

Millennial parents are more open and accepting of feelings, needs, and differences than previous generations. Before us, the name of the game was to blend in. There was an ideal kind of person, family, and lifestyle – and people tried their hardest to fit that ideal.

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Millennials embrace difference. Differences make us unique, beautiful, and valuable. We’re more willing to allow ourselves and our children to be authentic and unconventional. We don’t censor our self-expression.

And it’s a beautiful thing!

Best. Mom. Ever.

We may have a bad rep, but millennial moms are seriously rocking this parenting thing. From our fearless approach to life, our open-mindedness, our willingness to get help from others, the incredible access we have to good information, and all the pics & brags of our kids. There’s no doubt we love our kiddos.

No doubt we spend lots of time with them.

There’s no doubt we know all about them.

No doubt we’re the Best. Moms. Ever.

Can you think of another way that millennial moms are the greatest? I’d love to hear it. Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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